Site Development Timeline

This section shows the chronological development of the garden from groundbreaking to where it is today. You can use the content menu below to easily navigate this page.

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Timeline of Implementation

Review our plans for the Mesa Urban Garden, starting with the Summer of 2012 (the beginning stages of planning and development), to our long-term goals over the next few years.
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Our Vision

The initial plans for Mesa Urban Garden began early in 2012. View the layout of the garden as envisioned by the founding members and the City of Mesa.
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Development Progress

  • Week One

    The first week at the site was amazing and extremely busy. Check out the progress we have made thus far and watch the garden come to life!
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  • Week Two

    This week, the MUG team attended the 2012 Health and Resource Fair to generate interest in the garden among local businesses and homeowners.
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  • Week Three

    Week three was extremely productive and the MUG development is starting to pick up steam. The entire team is working hard every day!
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  • Week Four

    Check out some of the volunteers breaking ground on-site at 212 E. 1st Ave in Mesa, AZ. These guys are getting serious today.
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  • Week Five

    The latest design plans are hot off the press and ready for you to see. Take a look at what the Mesa Urban Garden will look like in a few short months.
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3 thoughts on “Site Development Timeline

  • Dennis Flynn

    Please give us a call at 480-774-0237 as we might have some corporate teams who might want to get invovled to help build some of the garden this Fall.

  • Kathy Pearce

    Very exciting work! I’m halfway through my coursework for a Master’s certificate in Horticulture Therapy at KSU. I’m always looking for opportunities for my clinical coursework once there.
    I would love to receive email updates and visit your garden
    Kind regards
    Kathy Pearce

  • Theresa Ratti

    Mesa High School has a strong tradition of Service Learning. I would like to get information as to your needs on Saturday mornings. Numbers of people and the types of jobs.
    Thank you!

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